Forthcoming Articles

Articles below are "in press", i.e., accepted for publication in Methodology but not yet published. However, authors are encouraged to make their Accepted Author Manuscript (AAM) available on this page (as described below).

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  • Estimation quality and required sample sizes in three-level contextual analysis models

    Denise Kerkhoff, Fridtjof W. Nussbeck
  • A simulation-based scaled test statistic for assessing model-data fit in least-squares unrestricted factor-analysis solutions

    Urbano Lorenzo, Pere J. Ferrando
  • Empirical Ensemble Equating under the NEAT Design Inspired by Machine Learning Ideology

    Zhehan Jiang, Yuting Han, Jihong Zhang, Lingling Xu, Dexin Shi, Haiying Liang, Jinying Ouyang
  • The Logics of and Strategies to Enhance Generalization of Mixed Methods Research Findings

    Ahtisham Younas, Angela Durante
  • Surprising Implications of Differences in Locations Versus Differences in Means

    David Trafimow, Nathaniel Roth, Lina Xu, Toomasian Deborah, Audrey Perrello, Tingting Tong, Tonghui Wang, Boris Choy, Xiangfei Chen, Cong Wang, Liqun Hu