Multi-Choice Wavelet Thresholding Based Binary Classification Method


  • Seung Hyun Baek
  • Alberto Garcia-Diaz
  • Yuanshun Dai


Data mining is one of the most effective statistical methodologies to investigate a variety of problems in areas including pattern recognition, machine learning, bioinformatics, chemometrics, and statistics. In particular, statistically-sophisticated procedures that emphasize on reliability of results and computational efficiency are required for the analysis of high-dimensional data. Optimization principles can play a significant role in the rationalization and validation of specialized data mining procedures. This paper presents a novel methodology which is Multi-Choice Wavelet Thresholding (MCWT) based three-step methodology consists of three processes: perception (dimension reduction), decision (feature ranking), and cognition (model selection). In these steps three concepts known as wavelet thresholding, support vector machines for classification and information complexity are integrated to evaluate learning models. Three published data sets are used to illustrate the proposed methodology. Additionally, performance comparisons with recent and widely applied methods are shown.