A Simulation-Based Scaled Test Statistic for Assessing Model-Data Fit in Least-Squares Unrestricted Factor-Analysis Solutions


  • Urbano Lorenzo-Seva
  • Pere J. Ferrando


A shortcoming of least-squares unrestricted factor analysis (UFA) procedures, which are widely used in psychometric applications is that a test statistic for assessing model-data fit cannot be easily derived from the minimum fit function value. This paper proposes a chi-square type goodness-of-fit test statistic intended for the principal-axis, MINRES, and minimum-rank UFA procedures. The statistic is empirically obtained via intensive simulation based on a two-stage approach. First, a distribution of minimum fit function values is obtained from a scenario in which the null hypothesis of perfect model-data fit holds. Second, the obtained statistic is non-linearly transformed so that it has its first four moments equal to those of the theoretical reference chi-square distribution with the appropriate degrees of freedom. Extensions of the basic statistic are next proposed that include comparative and relative indexes based on it. Tests of close-fit and power assessment derived from the basic statistic are also proposed.